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What methods of payment are available?

Currently, we are accepting checks, money orders, or online payments.

How much is rent?

It depends on the unit type. You can find pricing on our floor plans page.  View Floor Plans

When is rent due?

Rent is due in full at time of move-in, or if you wish to do monthly payments, rent is due the 1st of each month.

How do I submit a service request?

Please login into your resident portal to submit your maintenance request.  Submit a Service Request Here

Where do guests park?

Guests can park in the one-hour street parking located on Fell Avenue, or Town Public parking garage located right across the street on College Avenue within walking distance of the building.

Guests can also use the Town of Normal Parking Decks, their rates are:

○ FREE: ­1st hour, all day Sunday, and from 6pm – ­12am (Mon – Sat)

○ $1: per hour during all other daytime hours

○ $2: 12am ­- 6am

○ $6: per day maximum

○ $8: overnight

How do I request a roommate?

To request a roommate, you may come into our office and fill out a preference form with the name of the roommate you choose to live with. If you are still looking for a roommate and would like us to place you with one, come into our office and fill out our new Roommate Matching questionnaire.

Can I request a certain floor or view?

Yes! You can fill out an apartment preference form where you can put your ideal floor, and view. We will take that into consideration while placing you in your apartment, but cannot guarantee that all requests will be given.

What is the leasing process?

Fill out an application with us online at After you have done so we will reach out to you so that we can schedule you an appointment to come in for a tour and sign our lease! If your guarantor is present, they can fill out a form with us or we will email them a form to return.

I need to get out of my lease? How can I do that? Can I just pay a fee and get released from my lease?

Unfortunately, CPU does not charge an early termination fee to get you out of your contract. The only provision for unloading your lease is to sell it or pay off the remainder of it.

Can I sell my lease?

Yes and no! You cannot bypass us and sell your lease directly to another individual, that is considered subletting, which is against your lease. What really happens is we cancel the remainder of your lease and then create a whole new lease for your “buyer” that starts right where yours left off. You can’t just hand your lease to someone and say “Sign here” and call it good. We have to cancel yours to create a new one. So no, technically you can’t “sell” your lease directly. But like you, we still refer to it as “selling” or “buying” your lease—it is easier to communicate it that way.

Can I sell my lease to anyone?

Not exactly. There are a few requirements:

  1. Must be 18 or older to sign a lease.
  2. Must be the same gender as you, since they will be moving into your gender specific apartment.
  3. Buyers don’t always move right into the seller’s exact room, but the room type still has to match. 
  4. Buyer’s lease cannot end sooner than your lease. It has to either end the same day as yours or later. 
  5. Buyer has to apply just like you did and meet the same requirements you had to meet. We have to make sure that your buyer is capable of paying for the lease and able and willing to comply with our lease rules and regulations.

Does my buyer have to move into my exact room?

Not necessarily. Most of the time that is how it works, but there are some rare times when we won’t do that. Your lease is for a room/apartment type, not a specific room location. You’ll notice on your lease that your exact room and space location are not mentioned. That’s typical in student housing. Circumstances sometimes require us to move people around—so we always reserve the right to do that when necessary.

What does CollegePlace do to advertise my lease?

CollegePlace engages in property-wide marketing and therefore does not market specific leases for tenants attempting to sell their lease. It is in the seller’s best interest to personally market their own specific lease.

Why doesn’t CollegePlace advertise my lease? Isn’t that their job?

We engage in general advertising highlighting our property as a whole. We do not mention the individual leases that we have for sale, nor would we specifically mention your lease. Consequently, when potential buyers come looking for an apartment to lease, we do not favor one lease over another. We just sell what they want to buy. If you want potential buyers to choose your lease, it is in your best interest to advertise your specific lease in whatever way you’d like in order to drive traffic to your lease. Keep in mind, when you decide to sell your lease, you are putting yourself in competition with a lot of people, most importantly, us. Because we are such a large complex we almost always have a small number of open leases for sale. Those will always be our first priority. Additionally there are always others who are trying to sell their leases just like you are. We do not prioritize one resident’s lease for sale over another resident who is trying to sell their lease.

Where should I advertise my lease?

We recommend Craigslist, Facebook pages or any other social media outlets. 

Will my buyer just pay the same rate that I was paying?

That is up to you! The lower rate you advertise, the easier it will be to sell your lease. However, whatever promotional incentive you offer is between you and your buyer, they will still sign a lease at the rate that you signed for.

CollegePlace is offering a promotion. Can my buyer get the same promotion?

No. Promotions are always reserved exclusively for people buying open leases directly from us.

I sent someone to buy my lease and CollegePlace ended up selling them one of their leases instead of mine, why?

Sorry about that! That is not intentional, but it does happen. Sometimes people just simply change their minds. If your buyer decides that they want something less expensive, or wants to take advantage of a special we have going on, we are not going to say, “no.” While we won’t intentionally try to derail the sale of your lease, we also won’t deny people what they want. You are always welcome to offer your lease at a lower rate.

What can I do to make sure my buyer doesn’t change her mind and end up buying one of CollegePlace’s leases?

Come to the office with your buyer. Buyers are less likely to abandon you if you are right there with them. Or email us at [email protected]  and give us the name of the person that is supposed to buy your lease. You can call and tell us too. But having an email trail is better for everyone. If you call at a busy time, we might just forget what you told us. We’re human. At the very least, if you can’t do one of the above, make sure and tell your buyer to tell us that they are buying your lease. We assume that every non-resident wants to buy one of OUR leases, and if we don’t know otherwise, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Is CollegePlace going to clean my apartment for my buyer?

No, that is your responsibility. Most of the time when a contract sells it is a last minute thing leaving us little to no time to get the apartment ready anyway. So you will need to plan accordingly to give yourself time to get it ready. Also, your buyer will be signing an agreement that states that they are getting the apartment from you in the condition that you leave it, or “As-Is”. But make sure your apartment is ready, because we both want to avoid that unpleasantness, just make sure that the place is ready for them.

When do I have to pay the Contract Transfer Fee?

The Contract Transfer Fee is due at signing the Contract Transfer Agreement. Failure to pay the Contract Transfer Fee may result in postponing the start of your buyer’s lease until the fee is paid, or it could even result in the cancellation of your lease transfer altogether—in which case your lease would remain in effect, and we would treat your buyer’s lease as though they purchased one of our’s. 

Can I use my deposit to pay the Contract Transfer Fee or to pay for my buyer’s deposit?

No. Your deposit is exclusively intended as a security against damages which are not assessed until after you have moved out.

I’m going to pay for some of my buyer’s deposit and rent. How do I do that?

You can make a payment towards RENT on your account and we can transfer it from your account to theirs. Make sure to include a memo on the payment explaining what and who it is for so we know what to do with it. Keep in mind, we will not transfer money between accounts until your buyer has signed a lease and paid a deposit. The buyer themselves must pay the deposit themselves. If you choose to give them money directly for their deposit that is between the two of you.

I’m just going away for a couple months and I’ll come back. Can I just have a friend stay in my apartment while I am gone so long as CollegePlace still gets paid?

No. Guests are allowed to stay for a short period of time, with prior authorization from CollegePlace and all of the roommates. They must be accompanied by their host. If someone is going to live in the apartment they MUST have a lease, otherwise they are considered “squatting” which is against the law. Another reason is that you may not be living alone, you may have a roommate who doesn’t have to live with someone that you brought into the apartment. By first screening potential residents, we reduce the chance that our residents are stuck with a roommate who could put their safety and property at risk.

Can I just have someone take over my spot and pay me as long as I pay CollegePlace?

No, that is called subletting and is forbidden by your lease. Since we own the property we reserve the right to require that no one be allowed to reside here without first being screened  by us. Another reason is that you most likely are not living alone and have roommates who do not want to live with a random individual you’ve brought into the apartment. 

Once my buyer has been approved can I just give my keys to my buyer myself when I’ve moved out?

No. You are not allowed to hand your keys over to your buyer. You must go through the checkout process through our office. We also need to reprogram your key under your buyer’s name.

When can my buyer move in?

Your buyer cannot move in any sooner than the start date of their lease. And when they do check in, they must first come into the office to pick up keys, fill out paperwork, and make sure all deposits and rents have been paid.

Can I just pay off the remainder of my lease and move out?

Yes, of course. It is your lease. If you want to pay and not live there that is fine with us and entirely up to you. Bear in mind that because you have an active lease you are still responsible for your split utilities, the contracted communications fee and renter’s insurance fee.

Contact us if you have any other questions.  Send us a Message